Project Description

The Floorte Classico Luxury Vinyl Plank is a revolutionary new product by Shaw Industries. Imagine your realistic wood and tile luxury vinyl, but instead of gluing down in the traditional way, it installs using a click system. Now imagine that floor being not only scratch resistant but literally waterproof! This series features realistic visuals to provide a durable floor that can stand up to anything you can think of with each plank giving you an authentic hardwood look and feel that is completely irresistible.

The variety of colors in this collection are available in thirteen very distinct tones which are each extremely unique in their own way. The Classico Plank Antico is one with a high unique visual. This plank gives a high rustic hand worn appearance that would be found in older barn wood style homes. The dark and light hues that are conformed together produce this plank with a sense of boldness and looks absolutely beautiful in wide open rooms. The rustic visual this plank obtains also presents itself to have an exciting woodsy look you cannot go wrong with. It’s amazing how it truly isn’t real wood.

Apart from the natural wood and rustic look, there is the Floorte Rosso, which gives a hand scraped hickory look that features medium tones of brown. The shades of this plank combine dark walnut and hickory trends with an almost cherry color brown, to give it a very elegant appearance. The strains and cracks that soak up the colors really illuminate its presence in any room. Unlike the darker colors, the Floorte Bianco is one that features a whitish gray tone and has a slight distressed look with variations of several gray hues. The cracks of grey characteristic with the whiter qualities of the plank give this floor to have a strikingly sophistication look to it, that enhances living rooms and kitchens to be seen as highly magnificent. This vinyl is perfect for rooms with dark featured furniture since it benefits the white colors of the plank to shine through the darker colors in the area.

In the collection, there are four different types of Oak looks and a few exotic species such as Teak and Oro. Oro is an interesting species that blends its brownish sunset colors of reds and yellows together to give a random color pattern when laid out. The yellow and brown hues are swirled into one another to generate a distinctive knotting pattern that is different from most, leaving it to have a sense of creativity within its design. Perfect for kitchen areas and tends to look great with other wood structures that lay around it.

The Floorte Classico luxury vinyl collection is offered in a size of 6” x 48”, which is a beautiful size for any vinyl flooring. The series also has a variety of trim pieces available, something not typically found with most manufactures. Four molding types for finishes of the floor that contain the Reducer, and T molding. The stairs have the option of a stair nose molding and lastly a quarter round for matching trim against the walls. Giving you multiple options to create your perfect design just the way you want.

Shaw Industries also warrants the Floorte products to be free from any defects for a precise length of time from the date of purchase. In the Floorte Classico collections, a 30-year residential lifetime limited warranty is available and a 7-year light commercial warranty is available. Gloss reduction or surface scratches are not going to be considered as a surface wear, the warranty is not transferable and will only apply to the original purchase.

Project Details

  • Date20 September 2013
  • CategoryPhotography