Project Description

Sometimes “simple” is also another word for “sophisticated”, “fashionable” and “alluring”. Karndean Looselay is portraying a vinyl flooring line with all of these characteristics and more, through an attractive color palette counting with your favorite shades of gray and brown, and styles you can almost feel. Flexibility in your color scheme and theme selection, enviable looks and hues, and a unique concept are all ready for you and your future residential and commercial remodeling.

Once again, the color palette of this compilation offers a great array of hues travelling from side to side in the spectrum and designing stunning interiors along with your ideas. If you just love everything about that natural stone look, be sure that they love it even more, since it’s shown through their neutral gray brown Arizona, the combination of those exquisite beiges, grays and browns of their Georgia, the naturality in their limestone-resembling Indiana, and the rusticity of their Texas, that they’re experts on making your typical vinyl surfaces look as impeccable and realistic as possible. On the other hand, if you still feel like there’s nothing like your traditional natural wood aspects, then say no more. This line has also integrated beautiful smooth and reclaimed looks perfect for any purpose and style of your choice. While their Ashland and Country Oak are meant to portray a more repurposed rustic contemporary appearance on your floors, other planks such as the golden oaks resemblances on their Antique Karri, Copper Gum and Winchester are exactly what’s left to complement your living spaces.

To conclude this collection in the best way possible, we need to talk in terms of installation: “No clicking. No locking. No glue.” Installing fabulously resistant and sustainable planks was never this easy with the ability of laying them over your existing hard floors. Additionally, these surfaces are 100% recyclable, which means that they can be reused in different rooms in your house and/or office (you know… in case you’re feeling “something different” one of these days around your living spaces). Available in the unique tile size of 19.7”x 24”, and the plank size of 9.85”x 41.3”, it’s time to: Love it, design it, repeat.

Project Details

  • Date20 September 2013
  • CategoryPhotography