Project Description

Provenza Pompeii flooring features tones such as Pompeii Vesuvius and Etna which deliver the golden age of Naples. This collection explodes with the wonder, power, and majesty of nature. You will find depth and texture in every option. Fine details crafted by master artisans provide both the look and feel of reclaimed, hand-distressed wood engineered to withstand the ages. Are you looking for an opportunity to transport your space to a realm of ancient splendor? Look no further than the Pompeii collection.

The collection calls to mind handsome Greco-Roman landscapes. Imagine an ancient forest at your feet, as you daydream of waves dancing against the shores of islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Pompeii Lipari contains streams of warm brown tones, with knots of deep café. The tight natural grains provide a wealth of texture and interest to spaces with luxurious furnishings. Pompeii Vesuvius, Amiata, and Etna offer deep burnished browns with smoky undertones. On the lighter side, Salina Smooth and Cimino give the impression of light ash with cool tones perfect for a neutral backdrop to an interior whether you wish to achieve modern minimalist perfection or decadently decorated old world opulence.

Provenza Pompeii flooring affords sizes within this line range from a 6’ inch to a 12 x 24’ inch plank. All are hand distressed by artisans with wire brushing and a fine matte polyurethane finish. The collection holds a robust, established nature which moves like a rhythm through each crack, knot, and chiseled edge. These splendidly fashioned custom floors have the strength to endure antiquity. The very presence of this floor in a room speaks of stylish superiority. This diverse collection presides over every single room with calm gravitas. This flooring appeals visitors for cultured conversation the finer points of bygone eras. There is no match for the lasting value of a hardwood floor produced my master artisans at the height of their craft. These custom floors are sure to increase value in any residential or commercial space.

Project Details

  • Date20 September 2013
  • CategoryPhotography